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June 19, 2024


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How the America First Party
Helped Save Our Flag!

Here are some activities we organized to help save our beloved state flag...


  • Become the First and ONLY Party to adopt and publish a strong resolution supporting our state flag, the values it represents, and the brave patriots who rallied 'round it.
    (Read the Official Resolution here...)
  • Published and circulated a comprehensive RESPONSE to Rev. Donald Wildmon's decision to abandon our State Flag.
    (Read the Response here...)
  • In conjunction with other patriotic organizations, distributed hundreds of Yard Signs encouraging voters to support our Flag in the April 17th referendum.
  • Helped circulate a Petition to enshrine our State Flag in the Mississippi Constitution.
  • America First Party members created and purchased space in local newspapers to run this advertisement. It sends a strong message in support of our flag, and points out that the America First Party is the ONLY party to take a position on the flag issue. Other parties duck and run, but the America First Party stands for what it believes in.

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