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April 21, 2024


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Should You Join?

That depends on whether you've had enough of the betrayal and lack of leadership in the two major parties.

We like to call them the "Republicrats" ... because you really cannot tell the difference between them without a magnifying glass. Both parties have sold out to special interest groups. Both parties surrender our nation's sovereignty on the altar of big money.

Both parties lay the heavy hand of government regulation and high taxation upon the backs of the middle class.

Both parties stand by while the helpless innocent are slaughtered, our ethical and moral values destroyed, and our Christian heritage laughed at and western culture destroyed.

If you understand that there is no hope left for America in the two major parties, the America First Party welcomes you to a new home.

The America First Party stands for the restoration of Freedom. We propose a roll back of the size and power of oppressive government at all levels, be it local, state, or federal.

We fight for the return of our nation to that ideal our forefathers bled and died to insure, and dreamed it would one day become -- a nation of self-governing citizens and limited government bound by the chains of the Constitution.

We're not afraid to defend our nation's heritage and Christian values against the forces of relativism, multi-culturalism, and the new religion of so-called "political correctness" and "tolerance".

We're not afraid to restore our nation's sovereignty; to demand the respect of the world, and to always, in all things, put the interests of America First!

We will stand up for justice, honesty, and integrity in our politics and in our society.

If these are the ideals you feel within your heart and soul, maybe it's time to leave the cynicism and apathy of establishment politics and join the fight for real change in America!