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June 19, 2024


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As hundreds of thousands of Southern boys laid down their lives to preserve lawful government and their families’ freedom, it became more difficult for Lincoln and the other Northern apologists to justify their bloody war of aggression against our State.

It was only then that they contrived the false claim that the war was really all about “freeing the slaves.” They hoped their lie would give a veneer of moral justification to their annihilation of a whole generation of Southern husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers.

That’s what makes the claim that our flag stands for slavery such a despicable insult. To embrace that claim is to adopt the propaganda lie of the North that justified killing a quarter million Southern boys who died protecting their homes and their families.

To give way to that vicious falsehood is to display cowardice in the face of lies, lies that pollute the honor of our forebears, lies that turn their valor and bravery into mere brigandry and lawlessness. If our flag represents slavery, then we must be ashamed of what our people stood for one hundred forty years ago.

But those were brave and beautiful things the South sought to preserve: limited government by consent of the people, the rule of law, the preservation of our Federal Constitution, and honor, integrity, and courage in the face of arrogance and tyranny.

Our Flag stands for all that, and so much more. Around that banner rallied patriots who loved family and friends more than themselves. Under that flag fought brave men who held freedom more precious than their own lives, who spilled their own blood to stay the jackboot of tyrants.
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