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May 21, 2024


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America First Party of Mississippi
Responds to Rev. Donald Wildmon

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And so, Dr. Wildmon, perhaps unwittingly, has fallen for the biggest lie yet told by opponents of our State Flag.

The idea that our Flag is somehow a symbol of racism and slavery is revisionist nonsense. Lincoln didnít start the war to free the slaves; rather, he freed the slaves only in the South to disrupt the war defenses of the Southern states. The rallying cry of the Yankee soldiers was not the end of slavery, but rather the preservation of the Union.

The overwhelming majority of Mississippi soldiers who marched off to fight for our State didnít even own any slaves. Indeed, many suffered economic hardship brought on by the institution of slavery.

Our forebears did not fight for slavery. They fought for their homes, their farms, their families, and their lives.

Our ancestors gained their freedom from tyranny through bloodshed on the field of battle in 1776. Less than ninety years later, they were not about to exchange King George for President Lincoln and wipe away the freedoms our Constitution guaranteed.

So when the Northern states and the Federal Government overthrew the contract of the Constitution that limited their power over the people of our State, its citizens and leaders peaceably withdrew.

And then, when our State was invaded by foreign forces bent on imposing an alien government upon us, Patriots withstood that force with unmatched bravery and honor. They fought to preserve the principle of government by the consent of the people. Throughout that fight, the Confederate Battle Flag was their standard.
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