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May 21, 2024


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to the America First Party of Mississippi!

If you are tired of the non-leadership provided by the Republican and Democrat Parties, perhaps the truth has finally dawned on you:

They're both bought and paid for!

That's right.  Big business, big labor, globalists and special interest groups have made both parties tools to promote big government and take away our freedom.

The America First Party stands for old-time values of faith, freedom, responsibility, the Constitution, and national sovereignty.

We aren't ashamed of our nation's cultural and religious heritage.  We confess our freedom comes from our Lord who created us individuals, responsible before Him.

We believe that our great Constitution is the best contract ever established to promote freedom between the people and their government.  We recognize our government has trampled upon that sacred document, and we intend to fight for its re-establishment with every ounce of courage we can muster.

As for our nation's sovereignty - we believe in America First!

And when it comes to the globalist, interventionist policies of the two ruling parties, we agree with Pat Buchanan:

"To HELL with an empire, we want our country back!"

If you share our ideals and our enthusiasm for good government, our country, and our freedom, join us in the fight!

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