Reform Party of Mississippi
Executive Committee Meeting
December 9, 2000

Meeting called to order by Trey Golmon, 5:10 p.m., December 9, 2000, Central Independent Baptist Church, Pearl, Mississippi.

Roll Call

Members present: John Goodman, Treasurer; John Hey, National Committeeman; Trey Golmon, Chairman; Bill Hinson, At-Large Member; Lisa Hinson, Secretary.

Not present: Ryan Walters, Vice-Chairman.

Campaign Reports:

Trey Golmon thanked everyone for their efforts.

District #1 Report: by Trey Golmon. One hundred fifty posters distributed, letters to newspapers written, Buchanan abortion and other pamphlets distributed and had polling place presence at two precincts.

District #2 Report: by John Hey. Hey and Golmon journeyed to Jackson every day for a week in effort to secure Buchanan a ballot spot. Hey coordinated SE Regional Conference meeting and acted as secretary. Ann Merkle replaced by Glynn Jackson. Hey and Golmon produced 25,000 Buchanan v. Bush abortion pamphlets and mailed to Mississippi churches, all RPMS members and possible supporters, and all Buchanan State Chairmen totaling over 4,000 pieces of mail. Hey and Golmon coordinated Public T.V. and radio ads effort. Ran newspaper ads in Greenwood. Two hundred thirty signs placed in and around Greenwood. Letter to the editor written. Two big signs placed at largest polling place on Election Day. T.V ad ran on Tax Payers channel in Greenwood.

District #3 Report: by Bill Hinson and Trey Golmon for Jack Rankin. Jack Ranking oversaw placement of about 100 yard signs. Bill Hinson oversaw disbursement of about 100 yard signs in and around Jackson. PRMS presence at Jackson Fair and Dancing Rabbit Festival, Macon. Two letters to the editor in the Clarion Ledger. Called two radio talk shows. Held up signs at largest poling place in Rankin County on Election Day.

District #4 Report: Ryan Walters not present to report.

District #5 Report: by Trey Golmon for CMDR Steve Edson, USN Ret. CMDR Edson oversaw distribution of about 200 yard signs primarily with help of Keith Johnson, Harrison County. Every couple of miles along Hwy 90 a sign was placed. CMDR Edison represented RPMS in televised debate on coastal channel. CMDR Edson composed a guest column appearing in the Sun Herald. CMDR Edson represented RPMS on the Jerry Ladner radio talk show.

Mississippi Flag

John Hey spoke on the necessity for RPMS to get behind the Mississippi State Flag issue. He spoke of flag buttons. A party logo with the State Flag was discussed.


Trey Golmon discussed the finances of the Party. Richard Bowman was discussed as Finance Director.


An Internet News Director was discussed. A Communications Director was discussed. Statewide letters to the editor campaign was discussed. Getting on talk radio was discussed.


The platform was discussed.

John Hey submitted a resolution in support of the Confederate flag. Trey Golmon discussed distribution of the resolution. John Hey moved to amend resolution, strike "the" in the last paragraph replace with "this." Trey Golmon seconded. All in favor. Trey Golmon moved for adoption of the resolution. Bill Hinson seconded. All in favor. The resolution adopted unanimously.

Resolution as adopted:

Resolution of the Reform Party of Mississippi of Respect and Support for the Confederate Battle Flag

WHEREAS the Reform Party of Mississippi advocates and pursues the restoration of the Constitutional Republic which our forefathers established; and

WHEREAS the Federal Government has usurped the authority of the sovereign States, and trampled the God-given rights of the People; and

WHEREAS our Southern forebears fought with great honor and bravery to defend Constitutional Liberties and the Freedom of the People of Mississippi, against overwhelming forces of Federal tyranny and oppression; and

WHEREAS the Confederate battle flag, Saint Andrews Cross of blue, trimmed in white, set with thirteen stars, all upon a field of red, was the Standard around which rallied countless brave Patriots of the State of Mississippi, and before which so many laid down their lives in defense of family, freedom, and honor; and

WHEREAS there have arisen of late persons both malignant and unlearned who would debase our Flag and soil the honor of Patriots long laid to rest for a cause honorable Mississippians still hold dear;


THAT this Party acknowledges that Flag stands as a reminder of those qualities of fidelity, loyalty, honor, and bravery in the Hearts of Patriots present and gone, qualities that our nation and our people so desperately need in these days of danger and dissension; and

THAT this Party promotes that Flag as a Symbol of those values, which we seek to encourage in ourselves, our families and our friends, and recommend to our fellow man; and

THAT this Party holds high that Flag as a rallying Standard for restoration of Constitutional government, and as a Battle Pennant against Federal tyranny and usurpation; and

THAT this Party follows gladly in the proud footsteps of our forebears who fought under that Flag, and who knew what it meant to stand up to violence and oppression and wrong at any cost; and

THAT this Party beseeches Almighty God, that He grant to us both the will and the courage to live and to act in a manner worthy of that Flag and the Patriots who fought for it; and

THAT this Party objects strongly to all efforts to expunge that Flag from the flag of the State of Mississippi, or to prohibit or discourage its proud display upon our public property and state buildings; and

THAT the Party opposes vigorously, and dedicates its resources to battle against any attempt to remove that Flag from its position of honor, reverence, and respect in the State of Mississippi.

Brother David Lee closed the meeting with prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 7:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by
Lisa Hinson, Secretary, RPMS