Reform Party of Mississippi
Executive Committee Meeting
July 22, 2000

Trey Golmon called the meeting to order at 1:48 p.m., July 22, 2000, at Central Independent Baptist Church in Pearl, Mississippi.

Those present were: Trey Golmon, Chairman; John Goodman, Treasurer; Bill Hinson, At-large Member; & Lisa Hinson, Secretary. Guests were: John Hey, John Grube & Brother David Lee.

Prayer by Brother David Lee.

Approval of minutes of last Executive Committee Meeting

Bill Hinson moved to approve the minutes. Trey Golmon seconded. All in favor, minutes approved.

Approval of new County Executive Committees

The approval of the Chairman and other members of the Lee County Executive Committee discussed.

Trey Golmon moved to approve the newly formed Lee County Executive Committee. John Goodman seconded. All in favor, Lee County Executive Committee approved with two officers, Bryan Brown, Chairman and Trey Golmon, Secretary/Treasurer. Jim Bush, Austin Long, Stacy Golmon and Sue Golmon, members in attendance.

Rules Committee Report

Eugene Pharr was not present; no discussion.

Issues & Platform Committee Report

John Hey discussed the Platform Committee. Hey reported the first draft of Ten (10) principles entitled "Statements and Principles of the Reform Party of Mississippi."

Discussion. No action taken.

The Statements and Principles will be sent in writing to the Executive Committee Members and will be voted on at the next meeting.

Ryan Walters selected as a member of the Issues & Platform Committee.

Alternate Delegates

Discussion. Bill Walter was moved to District 3 delegate to fill vacancy. John Hey was appointed At-Large delegate to fill Bill Walter's vacated seat.

John Goodman moved to approve change. Trey Golmon seconded. All in favor, motion carries.

Bill Hinson submitted letter of resignation as National Committee Member, to the Executive Committee.

John Goodman moved to accept resignation. Trey Golmon seconded. All in favor, resignation accepted.

Chairman Trey Golmon suggested that John Hey be elected as National Committee Member.

John Goodman moved the election of John Hey as National Committee Member. Trey Golmon seconded. The motion was adopted unanimously.

Mississippi Secretary of State

Trey Golmon discussed his dealings with the Secretary of State Office. The Secretary of State will not accept any filing from the Executive Committee until after the National Convention where the RPUSA Credentialing Committee will decide the issue of leadership and affiliation.

Campaign Coordination

Fall campaign discussed. Petitions for Buchanan were discussed. Congressional Candidates discussed.

State events and recruiting Reform Party Members discussed. No action taken.

Finance Fund-raising

Tabled until next meeting.

Public Relations

Discussion. Other factions of the Reform Party of Mississippi discussed.


Andrew Walter appointed web master.

Party Slogans

Discussion. Slogan submissions are to be sent to Bill Hinson 238 S. Fox Hall Rd., Pearl, Mississippi 39208 or e-mailed to: SCVKID@aol.com in subject box on e-mail please write Reform Party.

Primary Ballots

Discussion. Two Committee members received ballots.

Next Meeting

Set for August 5th, 2000 at Central Independent Baptist Church, Pearl, Mississippi at 12:30 p.m. Members will meet at Ryan's Restaurant at 11:00 a.m. for lunch before the meeting.

Closing the Meeting

Prayer by Brother David Lee.

Meeting adjourned: at 3:42 p.m.

Respectfully submitted
by Lisa Hinson, Secretary Reform Party of Mississippi