Reform Party of Mississippi
Executive Committee Meeting
June 14, 2002

Pursuant to Section 4.7 of the Bylaws, the following actions were taken by circulation of written resolutions, and adoption of each resolution by written consent by the entire membership of the Executive Committee.

Roll Call

Members present: Ryan Walters, Chairman; Trey Golmon, Vice Chairman; John Hey, Treasurer; John Goodman, Secretary; Phil Carnaggio, National Committee Member

Members absent: none.

Call of State Convention

Mr. Hey proposed the following Resolution:

That pursuant to Article 8 Section 2 of the Bylaws, the State Executive Committee of the Reform Party of Mississippi hereby authorizes the Chairman to issue a "Call to Convention" to the members of the Party, said state convention to be held on Saturday, July 20, 2002 at the County Line Road Hilton at 5 o'clock p.m.; and
That the Chairman and the Treasurer are hereby authorized to do all things necessary and proper to organize the convention; and
That the Treasurer is hereby authorized to sign such contracts on behalf of the Party and to disburse necessary party funds to cause said State Convention to be held; and
That the Chairman and the Treasurer are hereby authorized to move the place and time of the State Convention if it becomes necessary due to scheduling conflicts with the convention facilities; and
That the Treasurer shall prepare any necessary Bylaws notices that should be included in the Call to Convention.

The Resolution was seconded by Mr. Walters, and adopted unanimously.

This concluded the business of the Executive Committee.

Respectfully submitted by
John Pittman Hey